Former Nortel Networks DMS-100, CS2K, CDMA-MTX and Optera Technical Support

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GTD TelecomGTD Telecom specializes in installation, commissioning, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting old core networks acquired from former Nortel Networks and specifically:


Our services are oriented to companies that cannot afford to pay the high tariffs demanded by the companies that inherit those networks after Nortel sell off all of its business units, or companies that are simply small.

The network and telecommunications fields are evolving to be more dynamic and intense competitive. Deregulation, mergers and acquisitions along with changing customer behaviour deeply impact network developers and decision makers. A considerable amount of companies have decided to migrate their networks to new technologies. We also provide migration and integration services to cover those needs.

Our Company


GTD Telecom is a Canadian Corporation created in 2000. It provides technology expertise to companies still running legacy equipment, especially former Nortel Network solutions.

Our mission is to help companies extend the life of their investments in legacy products by providing customized services in order to support its normal and optimal operation, solve arising issues, prevent potentially failures and suggest integration and migration strategies to newer technologies.

GTD Telecom provides on-site and remote technical support for installation, commissioning, configuration, troubleshooting, testing, maintenance, integration and migration of legacy former Nortel Network equipment.

Corporate Citizen

Our Company Helps to Protect the Environment

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

We care about the environment. In order to reduce our use of resources and production of waste material, a number of simple programs has been implemented by our company. These programs include:

■ Computer recycling: Laptops and PCs are first offered to ReBoot Canada ( or CFS ( They extend the life of computers through reuse and redistribute them to low income people and also to schools, and not-for-profit organizations. They also recycle unusable equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.

■ Office Supplies: we use environmentally responsible 100% recycled-content paper; 100 percent recycled notes; recycled tissues and paper towels; and recycled trash bins. We use nature-friendly cleaning supplies.

■ Energy: All peripherals and office equipment are certified "Energy Star". Our lighting was replaced with non-incandescent, low power LED light sources.

We turn off electronics, lighting, and heat every evening upon living the office in order to reduce energy waste. The company always try hard to go paperless. The greenest paper is no paper at all. We avoid corrections, revisions, and updates on printed documents. Instead we try to keep digital files and review them on-screen.

■ Recycling: Our company dispose the office waste responsibly by following all municipal recycling programs. Ink and toner cartridges are recycled through our office supply vendors. We avoid the use of disposable cups by bringing a standard commuter mug to work. We use and encourage the use of reusable containers for food such as glassware or reusable lunch bags.


GTD Telecom provides engineering, planning, design, technical implementation, testing, troubleshooting and maintenance support for companies with operating equipment from former Nortel Network. We offer our customers the most effective and reliable service possible so they can meet their business goals.

Our range of knowledge and experience includes:


Network Platforms
■ TDM: DMS-100, XA-Core
■ ATM and Frame Relay: Passport 6400/7480/15000
■ SONET: Nortel OC-3/OC-12/OC-48 Express/OC-192 LH/DX, Optera
■ VoLTE: Genband C3-G9

Network Elements

Network Elements ● Core Switches (DMS-100, CS2K XA-Core and CA, CDMA-VSE, VoLTE C3, C9),
● Core Routers (ERS-8600, SE1200),
● Control Gateways (SAM21, GWC, C3),
● Media Gateways (PP 7K PVG, 15K PVG & MGW, 15K eBSC, MG9K, G9),
● Audio Gateways (Audiocodes MS2000, MS3000),
● Edge Routers,
● Billing Servers (SDM,CBM),
● SIP servers (CICM, MCS, SS-TK, SS-L, BCP, SBC, MAS, AS 5100, AS-5200),
● OAM&P Servers (Sun Netra CMT, IEMS, MDM, CNM, CCMP, Kontron CG2200),
● SS7 Signaling Servers (USP),
● Storage Servers (HP servers, Sun Servers),
● Firewalls & SIP Border Controllers,
● Transport Networks (Optera: OME-6500, OPT-3500, DX-LH),
● End user gateways (Mediatrix, Starbridge, Linksys, TP-Link, Smart-RG, Zone MXK).

Management Platforms

Management Platforms
■ Nortel IEMS, CMT, MDM, Site Manager, MOA;
■ Ericsson CNM and CCMP;
■ Genband Genview;
■ HP-Openview; Exceed;
■ Metaswitch Metaview & SAS.

Software Upgrade and Patching

Software Upgrade & Patching When possible, we try to upgrade and patch software. It is possible only if the customer can get the software for these tasks, because we don’t have access to any software due to license property limitations.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Maintenance & Troubleshooting The reliability and good performance of a network depend on an effective maintenance plan. Once failures arise, some extensive troubleshooting is needed to correct the issues. In order to prevent that we offer preventive maintenance. If issues arise we also provide corrective maintenance, network recovery, database restore and even re-provision of entire servers from scratch.

Network Migration and Integration

Network Migration & Integration Replacement of legacy devices with new devices usually lead to migration of functions to the new servers without interruption of provided services. We got the expertise for migrating from DMS core to Call Servers and VSE Servers, billing servers from SDM to CBM, and SIP border control servers from BCP to SBC. As your network grow, new equipment needs to be incorporated, sometimes acquired from several vendors. We test the inter-operatibility and compatibility between different vendors' devices before you put them in service.

* All network components of: DMS-100, CS2K, and C20 are trademarks of Genband; CDMA-MTX of Ericsson; OPTERA of Avaya

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